Re-Think Your Resolutions

Re-Think Your Resolutions

Living Trusts: Resolutions

We really like the suggestions in this article. Forget vague and generic goals like “lose weight” or “drink less” or “stop complaining.” People usually revert back to their old ways. This year, try something more enriching, and SPECIFIC. It could be something like… introduce yourself to a stranger every day… or call your Mom every Sunday…. or make at least 20 business generating calls each week.

I have a list of clients who are tackling #2 on this list. They plan to check off a tough item on their TO DO list. Specifically, forming a LIVING TRUST to protect their families. This is what I do for a living and it gives me great joy to see it work for people. Living Trusts and other documents, like powers of attorney, are such powerful tools to protect your family, business and assets. Most people don’t come to realize or appreciate this until someone passes away and there was either little or no planning. Then, the nightmare ensues. Of course, proper planning does not take 10 minutes a day. Yes, it takes effort but the pay off in getting this done (and done right) is invaluable.

#6 on the list is a good one too. I often ask my kids at the end of each day…”what was the best part of your day?” Keep the focus on the positive!

– Laura Robinson

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